Jasmine Organics is Canada’s premier source of organically grown green, oolong tea, and black tea sourced from India, China and Taiwan.

Jasmine Botanicals herbal medicines are made in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, our single herb and combination formula tinctures are made from biodynamically and organically grown grape alcohol of correct species medicinal herbs.  All of our Western herbs are grown biodynamically, organically or are ethically wild-crafted, which we source locally whenever possible  We follow the Dao Di 道地 teachings when sourcing Chinese herbs by seeking herbs grown in the environment and location that is traditionally treasured for the highest quality medicine. 

Our Chinese formula combination are classic formulas, many of which have been used for centuries.  More than 90% of our Chinese herbs are third-party certified organically grown.


 Jasmine grew up in California with a deep respect for the wild and the powers of botanical medicine.

She is a Registered Herbalist through the American Herbalist Guild and holds a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition to formal training, she has continued post-graduate studies with internships in Taiwan and California.

In addition to an intensive internship at the Tzu Chi Hospital in Hua Lien, Taiwan, she has studied Western Herbal Medicine with Brian K. Weissbuch, Chinese medicine with Dr. Robert Johns, Chen Style Taichi Chuan with the late Sifu Gene Chen, Daoist diet therapy, Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui with the late Liu Ming and Pulse Diagnosis with Brian LaForgia,

Private consultation and custom formulas available by appointment.